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  Twilight‘s Boo Boo Stewart is coming to Disney! Boo Boo will guest star in a two-part episode of Good Luck Charlie. Celebuzz had the pleasure of stopping by the set to watch Boo Boo film part one, which will air on July 24.

  “I play Kai. He teaches surfing lessons and offers Teddy [Bridgit Mendler] a surfing lesson, and they kind of like each other,” Stewart told us about his character. “He won state championship when he was 12.”

  When we watched the scene where Teddy and Kai first meet each other, Boo Boo’s character was quick to flirt back with Teddy! Is Boo Boo that forward in real life?

  “No, unless you are a girl I like I probably won’t even talk to her. I get more quiet than I normally am.”

  Another difference between Boo Boo and his character? “I hate the ocean,” laughed Stewart saying he would never be a surf instructor.

  Stewart filmed Good Luck Charlie in front of a few onlookers, and he said it was pretty different than Breaking Dawn, which he finished a few months ago.

  “It is way different, totally different,” Boo Boo told us. “TV moves so fast and the lines change on you while you are filming. With a script, it is set. This is much different, but I love the energy. I don’t get to do a live audience this time but I am a little happy about that. I get extremely nervous.”

  You wouldn’t have been able to tell! Stewart nailed his lines and the scene in only a couple takes.

  Boo Boo says that his Twilight fans will see a different side to him than Seth Clearwater, his wolfpack character.

  “Seth is way different than Kai because they live in two different places in the world,” said Boo Boo. “One likes to surf and I doubt Seth has ever surfed in his life. Both are happy characters though!”

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  Have you guys been following and picking up Hayley Kiyoko’s hints?

  The 20-year-old actress/musician tweeted a HUGE hint on what she’s been doing this week — rehearsing for So Random with Lemonade Mouth!

  Hayley, along with costars Bridgit Mendler and Chris Brochu, will be taking the stage on a future episode of the new sketch comedy show. She tweeted, “On set of so random…. These kids are sooooooooo random ;) ”

  JJJ caught up with Hayley, Chris and Doug Brochu late last month where they hinted about the band being on the show.

  “I think that would be a good idea [if Lemonade Mouth were on our show],” Doug hinted, while he exchanged glances with Hayley and Chris.